Walk & Bike

What is it?

Exactly what it sounds like! Rather than driving alone, walk or bike to your destination.

Why should I do it?

Walking and biking are the least expensive, most environmentally friendly commute options available. Outside of the relatively minor expense of purchasing and maintaining a bicycle, as well as walking shoes, walking and biking are relatively cost-free. Walking and biking also provide many health benefits including weight loss and muscle tone development. It also reduces blood pressure, stress levels, and risk of heart attack, hypertension, osteoporosis, and type II diabetes. For more information on the science behind the benefits of walking or biking to work, visit this site.   Like those who carpool or take the bus, those who walk or bike as a means of transportation can get rewards through NuRide.com.

How do I start?

You can map your walk or bike on Google Maps using their “walk” feature, or you can map your bike ride using the City of San Antonio's interactive bike map or the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's Bike Map, which depicts Bexar County roads according to their the level of traffic stress. If you’re interested in learning more about pedestrian or bicycle safety, contact the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to attend one of their safety workshops.